Who Are We

About GPS Leadership Solutions:

Established in 2013, GPS (Goals, Plans, and Strategies) Leadership Solutions (GPSLS) LLC. was created to provide young professionals with practical leadership and career development strategies.

With over 50% of U.S. Federal employees eligible to retire in 2014, and similar numbers being projected in the private sector, our young professionals are being presented with a rare opportunity to take on leadership roles earlier than their predecessors. However, in order to ensure their success, it is imperative that they have the opportunities to learn from our most accomplished leaders. GPSLS provides tomorrow’s developmental opportunities today!


Our purpose is to provide young professionals with the leadership and career development strategies necessary to overcome life’s challenges, while providing current and future employers with a more innovative, strategic, and resilient workforce. We add value to organizations, educational institutions, and individuals by:

  • Focusing on accountability
  • Implementing creative problem solving techniques and,
  • Ensuring that our trainings, workshops, and consulting solutions are practical and action oriented.


Internationally recognized leader in the realm of fostering young professional leadership skills and career development.


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